A.BC.Drive: Send an XML message through webservice using AL

By Robert Bulugea 

I needed to send orders in XML format over webservice calls and I soon realized that although there were some resources on how you can do that with JSON text structures, there weren’t many containing XML structures. 

Let’s have a look how I achieved this in a few simple steps below: 

In my context I am logging the XML message that I am sending into a Blob field of an integration log table. 

Step1 – I created the relevant fields here: 

Table solel "Integration Log" 
Dataclassification = CustcærContent; 
Caption — •Integration Log'; 
Robert eulugea. 3 days ago I I author (Robert Bulugea) 
1 reference 
field(le; "Entry No."; Integer) 
Au t OlnC 
field(2e; "ML File BLæ"; Blob) 
DataCIa55ification — CustomerContent; 
I reteremce 
Field (30; Code [20]) 
DataCIassification CustomerContent;

Step 2 – I also created a very simple XMLPort, feel free to create one suitable to your needs. 

XaxOccurs — Once; 
"inoccurs — Once; 
XmIName - • Testl•;

Step 3 – Now what we need is to have two functions that would: 

3.1 Stream the contents of a message into our blob field, which is exactly what the function below does 

procedure YourIntegrationLog: 
XMLExport: xm1Por•t "Export ML Test"; 
MyOutStream: Outstream; 
"Integration Log"): 
YourIntegrationLog- "XML File BLOB" TextEncoding: :UTF8) 
XMLExport . SetDocunentFiIter5(VourIntegrationLog. "Docurnt No. " ) ; 
XML Export . SetDestination(MyOutStream) ; 
XMLExport . ; 
IF XMLExport. Export() then;

3.2 Stream the contents of our blob field into a text variable, exemplified in the ReadXML2Text procedure below 

local procedure ReadXML2Text(Var YourIntegrationLog: 
Instr: Instrea•; 
Line: text; 
begi n 
"Integration Log") ReturnVaIue 
: Text 
if not YourIntegrationLog. "ML File Btw . HasVaIue Then 
File BLOB"); 
Your1ntegrationLog. "XML File BLOB" 
Read T ; 
while not Inst". EOS do begin 
Instr. ReadText(Line) ; 
ReturnValue Line;

Step4 – Sending the XML message to our destination with Http Post. 

          We then send the xml text variable to a codeunit were we are using the HTTPContent.writefrom function 

To download the source code please click here (you can make use of it as it is, just include your Launch file) 

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MSDYN365BC Webservice HTTP Post with XML

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